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The Biscayne Bay Directory®’s vocation is to create a community out of all the shorelines and islands that comprise the bay. Waterfront homeowners are referenced in the Biscayne Bay Directory®, and the forum allows seamless communication.

If the interests for such a network are numerous—social events, culture, economical, advocacy—it is its ecological dimension which is truly of main interest.

The Biscayne Bay Directory

The early 20th Century founders of Biscayne Bay envisioned a unique locus where nature and modernity unite as an ode to freedom and they left us a place where life is outstanding because of its beauty and energy. Today global warming threatens this legacy. Solutions exist but they involve government entities which must implement the structures and policies necessary to defeat greenhouse effects.

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It is up to each of us to take up the challenge, ensuring our voices are heard in securing our legacy, identity, culture, and architecture. As a steward of the bay, sign up to access The Biscayne Bay Directory® as we create a new page of our history.

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